Richard Negri was born on June 27th 1927, at 24 Wellington Avenue
Stamford Hill, London N15. His Italian grandparents immigrated to England at the end of the nineteenth century: the Negri's - grandfather Antonio, father Riccardo, and grandmother Luigia Ruffini - lived at Hoxton and the Mannatini's - grandfather Guiseppe, grandmother Maddalena Bernardini and mother Teresa Bernadini - at Bishopsgate.

From the family photographic archive the only photograph of Richard performing in 'Hiawatha'
aged about 7 in a very well produced, it would appear, school play.

Negri was in the Royal Navy during the war working as a radio engineer.
(back row, right)

Richard married Jill on September 27th 1956 in Bury St Edmunds

Paul at the back and, from left: Catherine, Louise and Joanna circa 1967

Richard and Jill had eight children together, two boys, the eldest (Paul) and youngest (Vincent) of the children, and six daughters (Catherine, Louise, Joanna, Anne, Sarah and Victoria).

Perhaps a year or so earlier than the photo above with the additions of Sarah
kneeling, centre and Anne, sitting on the right (Anne's left) of the picture.

mp3, 2.34mb, 5 minutes 3 seconds, Louise, the second eldest daughter reflects on childhood and rebelling against her Roman Catholic upbringing.

mp3, 2.14mb, 3 minutes 38 seconds, Catherine, the eldest daughter, talks of her Catholic upbringing, Vincent's birth (the eighth child) and his illness, and her view that it was her father's desire for a second son which led to her parents having eight children.

Holidays on the North Norfolk coast

Possibly Negri's last project - a bird table - still surviving in one of the children's
back gardens. Photograph taken in 1999.

mp3, 336 kb, 1 minute 25 seconds. Rena, Negri's elder sister, in conversation with David Burrows, recalling Negri's love of making things for his grandchildren in the last years of his life.

Richard Negri died at home, 12 Back Street, Hempton, Norfolk, on 17th April 1999.

mp3, 166 Kb, 42 seconds. Catherine, Negri's eldest daughter, reflecting on Richard Negri's obituary in The Stage.


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