'Peer Gynt'
by Henrik Ibsen

at the University Theatre, Manchester in 1970

First performance: 21st December

a sequence of production photographs
Directed by Michael Elliott
Designed by Richard Negri and Anne Sinclair
Lighting by John B. Read
Music by Gordon Crosse
Movement by Litz Pisk
Sound by Ian Gibson


Peer Gynt - Tom Courtenay
Aase - Avril Elgar
Groom's Mother/Kari - Frances Connor
Bridegroom/Boatswain - Robert Booth
Aslak/Troll Prime Minister/
Trumpeterstraale/Huhu - John Cording
Solveig - Caroline Hunt
Solveig's father - Fulton Mackay
Helga - Jacqueline Churchill
Saeter Girls - Charleen Agostini
Gloria Connell
Susan Holderness

Farmer at Heggstad/Troll King/Fella/
Von Eberkopf/A Voice in the Dark- Wolfe Morris
Troll Child - Sam McKeen

Susan Carpenter - Green-Clad One/Anitra
Will Knightly - M. Ballon/The Watch
Fulton Mackay - Begriffenfeldt/Button Moulder
David Whitman - Groom's Father/A Thin Person
Jeffry Wickham - Overseer
Patrick Kavanagh - Receiver
James Kerry - Huhu/Boatswain
Eric Flynn - Steersman
Endre Muller - Thief/Memnon
Eric Thompson - Captain
Christopher Good - Strange Passenger/Hussein
Christopher Crooks - Priest
David Whitman
- Thin Person
Roy Sampson
- Mr Cotton/Auctioneer/Ship's Captain
Wedding Guests, Trolls, Arab Women, Madmen, Parishoners, Memories and Regrets:
Charleen Agostini, Gloria Connell, Frances Connor, Christopher Crooks,
Christopher Good, Susan Holderness, Alison Hughes, Will Knightly,
Roy Sampson, Peter Walshe, David Whitman

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