'Peer Gynt'
by Henrik Ibsen

at the Old Vic, London in 1962
First performance: 26th September

a sequence of production photographs
Directed by Michael Elliott
Designed by Richard Negri
Lighting by Richard Pilbrow
Music by George Hall
Movement by Litz Pisk
Sound effects by David Collison
Orchestra under the direction of Leonard Morris

Peer Gynt/The Boyg- Leo McKern
Aase - Catherine Lacey
1st Woman/Kari - Ida Goldapple
2nd Woman - Brenda McGuinne
Groom's Mother - Stella Lewis
Bridegroom - Trevor Peacock
Aslak - Brian Coburn
Solveig - Dilys Hamlett
Solveig's Mother - Phillada Sewell
Solveig's father - Fulton Mackay
Helga - June Dartnall
1st Peasant Girl - Irene Hamilton
2nd Peasant Girl - Anna Middleton
3rd Peasant Girl - Judi Bloom
Farmer at Heggstad/Old Man of the
Mountains/Herr von Eberkopf - Esmond Knight
Ugly Child - Francis Attard

Adrienne Corri - Ingrid/Green-Clad One
Russell Hunter - Oldest Troll/Hussein/
Parish Officer
James Maxwell -Trumpeterstraale/
Anthony Morton - Groom's Father/Master Cotton
Jeffry Wickham - Overseer
Patrick Kavanagh - Receiver
James Kerry - Huhu/Boatswain
Eric Flynn - Steersman
Endre Muller - Thief/Memnon
Eric Thompson - Captain
Vernon Dobtcheff - Strange Passenger
Wilfrid Lawson - Button Moulder
David William - Thin Person
Robert Hewitt - Auctioneer

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