Noni Jenkyn Jones as Mrs Antrobus/the President's
wife in Act One emailed with the following
memories of her time as a student with Richard:

"I will always remember being a part of his
fantastic productions. The image of Damien
sitting on Cindy's stomach and strangling
her to produce bizarre and beautiful sounds
with utmost tenderness and concentration
for example, or the seals with their arising
and falling ping pong balls suspended in
the air - or the gardener who transformed
into a heron or egret by stalking through
the shrubbery with long hedge clippers
wielded as a beak. I also absolutely
adored being Mrs Antrobus. I thought
he was a magical director. I remember also
that Richard startled me on a couple of
occasions, not only in his astute
tutoring or his disappointment in lazy work,
but by being the first person I've ever known
to answer the question "How are you?" with
complete honesty. I didn't know how to
respond but it has always stuck in my mind".