'Don Juan' and 'The Death of Satan'
by Ronald Duncan

Royal Court Theatre, May 1956


Nigel Davenport, Keith Michell, Joan Plowright, Barbara Grimes, Christopher Fettes, George Selway, Stephen Dartnell, Robert Stephens, John Welsh, Geoffrey Sisley, Josee Richard, John Osborne, Rosalie Crutchley and Agnes Lauchlan.

Directed by George Devine, assisted by Tony Richardson
Designed by Richard Negri (set) and John Minton (set and costumes)

The only reference in the Richard Negri archive, so far discovered, to this production: one sheet of cartoons by Richard Negri that describe the process of collaborating with John Minton. Bottom right: Negri with cigarette and Minton with his head in the sewing machine.

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